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Fan Club Oficial de Panic! At The Disco en Colombia ~ Part of the Northern Downpour Street Team.

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    8 January 14

    Editorial: La despedida.

    Luego de casi cuatro años de estar algo así como frente al cañón, creo que es momento de dejar que otras personas que estén más en sintonía con el presente de la banda, se hagan cargo y cuiden y consientan a éste Fan Club que, no voy a mentir, me ha traído alegrías inmensas y me ha acercado a personas que he querido mucho con los años.

    Esto se siente como renunciar al trabajo.

    Durante el tiempo en el que he estado pendiente de éste espacio, se ha sentido como tal. Muchas veces bromeaba diciendo que ésto era un trabajo de tiempo completo pero que no veía salario de eso y a la larga no me molestaba. Para nada. Era, o es, una labor que sale desde el corazón y desde el profundo afecto que siento por un nombre que me ha dado mucho a través de los años, pero que no siento igual desde hace unos meses.

    Creo que para nadie es un secreto que de todos los trabajos, el que me habla en un nivel espiritual es precisamente Pretty. Odd., y el camino hacia el presente desde la separación en 2009 ha sido uno de paciencia y aguante. 
    Digamos que yo personalmente, esperaba cosas distintas del futuro y no hablo de reuniones ni nada parecido.
    Siento que lo que ha pasado últimamente al interior de la banda dista mucho de mi confianza en ella, no sé si me hago entender. 
    No voy a incomodarlos con mi angustia personal, con mis pensamientos al respecto, pero llegué a un punto en el que no me siento totalmente alineada con lo que hace la banda en el presente. 
    Eso es en gran medida lo que impulsa mi decisión de decir adiós, y de dejar éste espacio en manos de personas que estén en una mejor sintonía, y puedan tomar las riendas y seguir con el trabajo que para bien o para mal, hemos hecho durante éstos años.

    Quiero agradecerle a todas las personas con las que hemos compartido vivencias acá.
    Mauricio, Tata, Mafe, Jesús, ustedes me conocen y saben que si hago ésto es por que de verdad siento que así debe pasar. Les agradezco infinitamente todo el apoyo y la motivación en éste viaje. 
    (Igual que saben donde hablarme, solo que quiero hacerlo más oficial acá.)
    A quienes en Latinoamérica que creyeron en ésto también, y que están en el mismo lugar que yo, debo decir que lo siento, más que nada. Pero que siempre podremos volver a esa calle… ya saben.

    A quienes apenas llegan: hola, bienvenidos! Disfruten su banda, desde donde sea que inicien. 

    Para mi ha sido un gusto compartir ésto con tantas personas y sentir tanto amor y tanta camaradería. Espero que para ustedes también lo sea.

    Con mucho cariño,

    María Fernanda.

    3 September 13


    Brendon and Spencer from Panic! At The Disco discuss the new album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! and the lead single ‘Miss Jackson’ with iHeartRadio’s Paul the Web Guy. Click HERE to pre-order the album on iTunes now!

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    7 August 13

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    1 August 13

    Spencer Video Project

    Les queremos compartir un proyecto bonito que está circulando en Tumblr, con fecha hasta el 10 de agosto para enviar sus fotografías.
    La idea es compilarlas en un video para Spencer, fotos de ustedes con un cartelito que diga “We Love You Spencer”.

    Las fotos las pueden enviar en éste link:

    El proyecto es de ésta tumblruser para que las preguntas se las dirijan a ella directamente.
    Esperamos ver participación de Colombia!


    31 July 13

    A Message from Spencer


    For the past 4 and a half years I’ve been battling addiction. Well, to be honest, I’ve really been battling it for the last two years. Those first 2 and a half years were spent in a place where I thought I had finally found the correct dosage of my personally prescribed medicine to feel “normal”…..In reality, I was mostly stumbling through my life hoping no one noticed I was high.

    Growing up I never used drugs or alcohol. I smoked weed and had my first drink in the same night when I was 19. I loved it, and from that point on I made sure to make up for all those years I had spent abstaining. I’d think to myself… “What have I been doing? This is it! This is what I’ve needed”. I didn’t know it then, but it would be the identical reaction to the way I felt while using that would later lead my drug use dominating my life. For the first few years, my life in a band afforded me the ability to maintain a drinking habit that wouldn’t have lasted a week at a day job. Being on tour left me with a very distorted view of what drinking habits are considered “normal”. But, unlike most of the other musicians I spent time with on tour, when I got home my drinking increased. My anxiety and depression became much worse, and I used alcohol to attempt to numb it. It can be a shock to the system when you go from being on tour for 18 months, almost never being alone, always having somewhere to be and a show to play, to waking up alone having no clue what your gonna do for months on end. Now, if that sounds like it should be on the top of the list of first world problems, you’re right. No one deserves any sympathy for having too much free time. But for someone like me, an addict and alcoholic, free time can be dangerous. I need structure, and when I don’t put it in place for myself, I suffer the consequences.

    Then, a little over 2 years ago, something traumatic happened in regards to the health of a loved one. It was around this time that I started taking Vicodin and Xanax on a daily basis. It was an intoxicating mix. At the time, I honestly thought that I had figured it all out. That I could self medicate my way to always being happy and never having to deal with any underlying issues causing my depression. I quickly became a serious addict. As crazy as it seems to me now, when I was high, I felt like the person I wanted to be. I liked myself, and I thought that everyone else must like me more too. I’d become so used to functioning when I was drinking and taking pills that, in my mind, everyone else must think I’m not only acting “normal”, but happy! outgoing! and content. On tour, It became a balancing act between taking enough so I didn’t start feeling withdrawal symptoms and not taking too much that I couldn’t function.

    When we got off the tour we were doing for our last record, I slipped further into my addiction. With a lot more alone time and no worry of being presentable at an interview or a meet & greet, my life began to revolve around my addiction. Wake up: Take a pill to have the energy to get out of bed. Leaving the house: Make sure I have enough pills to last till I get back. I had back up pills in my car, my backpack, all over the place incase something happened to the ones I had on me. I couldn’t go more than 8 hours without feeling painkiller withdrawals. I was taking a dangerous amount of pills while drinking to chase that high, and just like with any other substance, the higher the high is, the lower the low is. What started out as a way for me to numb anxiety and depression had become the major cause of it.

    Last fall, after months of trying to quit and only making it 2 or 3 weeks, I entered treatment. I was extremely lucky to have the support of my family, bandmates, friends and my girlfriend. I’ve met too many people who have lost everything and burned every bridge they have due to their addiction. I can honestly say that without the love and support of those closest to me, I wouldn’t be here, sober, and able to write this today. The thought of putting this on paper and out into the world is scary. Since I’m still so fresh in my recovery, I was questioning whether or not I should. But, as anyone who has dealt with this personally knows, recovery is not possible without honesty. I spent years hiding and lying about my addiction. A huge weight was lifted from me when I could look at my friends, family and band in the eye and tell them what was really going on. It didn’t feel like I had some sort of double life anymore. I don’t want that feeling in any aspect of my life again.

    Wow, now that I’ve put this down all my nerves have gonna away and it just feels freeing. My goal in releasing this is to try and relate to anyone who has experienced addiction personally or with a loved one, and to be honest with everyone else. To let people know that anxiety, depression, and addiction are not picky. They plague people of all ages from all walks of life. But, you can recover!! So, please seek help if you’re suffering personally, and urge anyone you know to get help if they are suffering. It gets better one day at a time.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you on tour,

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    23 July 13


    Pics or it didn’t happen! Just uploaded a handful of behind the scenes pics from our “Miss Jackson” video shoot on Facebook

    Watch the “Miss Jackson (feat. Lolo)” video, and get the single on iTunes.

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Brendon Urie caught up with MTV to discuss the inspiration for Panic! At The Disco’s upcoming album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! which will hit streets on October 8th.
"This time around, the songs are pretty different. One song sounds like it could be an ’80s, Depeche Mode type deal, another sounds like a mix of a Toto drum part with, like, weird arena-rock guitars. There were a lot of things I was pulling from." -Brendon Urie
Click HERE to read the full article.


    Brendon Urie caught up with MTV to discuss the inspiration for Panic! At The Disco’s upcoming album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! which will hit streets on October 8th.

    "This time around, the songs are pretty different. One song sounds like it could be an ’80s, Depeche Mode type deal, another sounds like a mix of a Toto drum part with, like, weird arena-rock guitars. There were a lot of things I was pulling from." -Brendon Urie

    Click HERE to read the full article.

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    22 July 13


    Panic! At The Disco: Every Brendon Urie Vine Ever (Almost)

    Panic! At The Disco frontman, Brendon Urie, is no stranger to the world of Vine where his hilarious video updates have attracted over 300,000 followers. Bananas Music Club took the liberty to piece his Vines together - check out the video above feature all of Brendon’s Vines… well… almost.

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    11 July 13

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    19 April 13


    On the road again… joining Fall Out Boy this fall on the Save Rock and Roll Arena Tour 


    ANNOUNCEMENT: Taking Panic! At The Disco out with us on the Save Rock and Roll Arena Tour

    9/5 - Uncasville, CT @ Mohegan Sun - (Tickets)
    9/6 - Lowell, MA @ Tsongas Arena - (Tickets)
    9/7 - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center - (Tickets)
    9/8 - Philadelphia, PA @ Liacouras Center - (Tickets)
    9/10 - Fairfax, VA @ Patriot Center - (Tickets)
    9/11 - Cleveland, OH @ Wolstein Center - (Tickets)
    9/14 - Auburn Hills, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills - (Tickets)
    9/15 - Toronto, ON @ Echo Beach at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (Tickets)
    9/18 - Broomfield, CO @ First Bank Center - (Tickets)
    9/20 - Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center - (Tickets)
    9/21 - San Francisco, CA @ America’s Cup Pavilion - (Tickets)
    9/22 - San Diego, CA @ Valley View Casino Center - (Tickets)
    9/25 - The Woodlands, TX @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - (Tickets)
    9/26 - Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre at Grand Prarie - (Tickets)
    9/28 - Alpharetta, GA @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore - (Tickets)
    9/29 - Tampa, FL @ USF Sun Dome - (Tickets)

    Save Rock and Roll out now - download on iTunes 


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    Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh